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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Our purpose not only to encourage such person independently to make decisions, to make a choice and to work, but also to give it the chance to rejoice to what we rejoice and that we reserve only for ourselves: to take steps towards to another, to help and care of neighbors.Only this way he will be able to feel part of society.Conclusion It is difficult to write article which would help different parents of different children of different age with different violations.Only some questions are brought up, but even they could frighten someone.

All of us heard

We cope with much, but sometimes couplessya so that it is simply impossible.Pregnancy one of such cases.All of us heard gruesome stories about girls subgrowth kakh which tried to cope with it alone babies appeared in garbage containers, and teenage mothers finished life with suicide.In difficult situations you are necessary to us most of all.And at this time it is very important to adjust the line for about shcheniye that your daughter knew that if something happens it does not remain alone, unaided.

So I gradually

Enemies on life were embodied in telltales and were exposed to opprobium.I created the worlds, rescued nice schoolmates, created laws and accepted endured pleasure of a victory.Parents laughed play, as small.It was both in the third, and in the fifth, and in the ninth class.So I gradually and quite spontaneously became myself a psychotherapist.Remember, the French movie Magnificent with Belmondo in a leading role?There the writer in the novels directly settled scores with all the real enemies.

Yes, the child

Yes, the child with a cerebral palsy is often not capable to reach or reach itself an interesting toy, but we can help it.Possibilities of the child will extend if we hold him in the correct pose, then increase of a muscular tone and pathological motive reactions will not prevent it to investigate a toy.Very often we, adults, estimate possibilities of the child, proceeding from those movement skills which he owns.At such approach it is very easy to limit development of the kid unconsciously.

My friends

Small shifts to a positive did not remain unnoticed, and on the contrary got approval of companions that added confidence.D.M.As you estimate the turn from nihilism to participation in Small Council now and to the program of mentoring?There was a requirement something to do.Denial braked me, it was necessary to work.My friends somehow began to leave.I remained a laidback person, and they already participated in surrounding life.I have nothing it was to be hooked in talk with them, and there was no wish to drop out.

And considerable. No, I lie: in some

Though I deride

The most awful that, as the youth which by definition has to sweep aside mossgrown prejudices, takes them on trust!And my interlocutor from the diagnostic center live to that confirmation.Though I deride certain superstitious companions here, and that is far from them left?Nearby!I in pregnancy had glitches.For example, I tried to limit as much as possible a circle of people who knew that I expect a baby.In other words, especially about the interesting situation did not extend.

It is necessary

And powder is not necessary at all.But then all this knowledge to me was still unknown, and I strongly strained, trying to comprehend an essence of things unfamiliar to me hitherto.It is necessary to admit that we listened to the neonatality period with smaller enthusiasm, than lectures about childbirth.We asked few questions and in general as that lost former interest.Because for us the most important was at last that to GIVE BIRTH.We waited for this event with huge impatience and in too time were rather afraid of it.

It blossoms

It blossoms in the magnificent color in an hour in the disco, and is followed by the tears passing into a long hysterics You, the silly woman why you approached to Lech?It mine!The silly woman, you coquet with Stasik!Now a question how to erase this plebeian stratification of consciousness and to replace it with the example of behavior which was more acceptable in society.This idea of the correct behavior in the company of boys is put so deeply in a basis of consciousness of sixthgraders that innocent attempt of senior pupils to overpersuade them, is suddenly given a hostile reception.

To make

To exercise in the use and understanding of a general word Furniture.To make active in the speech verbs To lie, sit in an imperative mood lay down, sit down, pretexts On, In.For acquaintance to pieces of furniture to use a surrounding situation, a doll corner, pictures, constructive activity.Questions: What we will put to Katyas room?Why to Katya case bed, chair, table, sofa?Where your bed?Where we have a table?Still where?Ask Katya to lay down in a bed to sit down on a chair.


In general, the main area of your relations where emotions obviously harm is a subject of a Crime and punishment .For the little person surge in our adult emotions too heartrending experience in addition obscure.We do not say that adoptive parents should not test emotion, simply try to be convinced that your emotion is clear to the child.Remember that you felt when at you parents swore.Unless it did not generate at you feeling of what the world falls?And if the adopted child becomes the witness of the conflict, he for selfdefense simply will put up an alienation wall among themselves and world around.

It mine, do not approach

THE SECOND LEVEL THE WORLD OF THE FAMILY On the fourth year of life Svyatoslav started telling my word: I will not give the bicycle the Crust.It mine, do not approach my bed.And still It is my real father!From where he heard that fathers happen presents and not the presents.Adults do not speak about it and in every possible way convince children that the difference is not present.But the difference is.And the smallest speak about it openly.

Houses everything

Seams!Was not enough still that they parted on the way home, here cheerful that will be in the sense that then it will be necessary to turn back to maternity hospital!It was necessary to settle sidewise on a hip moreover to me put off Dasha whom I held column that did not cry.Here it, a maternal share about the comfort you forget if only the baby it was good.Houses everything shone purity.In the refrigerator snack pined, and in an oven on a baking sheet expected the hour meat in French.

And in space

Often parents, working with the best motives, make a mistake simply because do not attach great value to any words or acts.And in space of consciousness of the child other scales and proportions work.One of mothers during conversation with me concentrated on memoirs of tenyear prescription and unexpectedly for herself precisely realized the moment of loss of contact with own tenyearold son.The boy gathered for birthday to the best friend and saved money for a gift.Mother gave it part of money.

Other adults

And other it is impossible to do it with other adults?It is possible.But you invite and notice.We with you speak and I feel that I this minute am important for you.You do not distract from conversation.I checked a framework of the legal.You will ask and look at reaction that is permitted.Other adults have a lump of problems and affairs.With them it is difficult.And I do not love a gossip.It is conversation without analysis of the fact, and discussion condemnation: She not so told, not so put on, not clearly why it becomes.

But for some

So Zhenya can count only on himself.And the parents of pensioners.But for some reason it seems to me, what even the most difficult minutes she never regretted that left the kid.And now it the most important and beloved in her life.Therefore when now say to me that someone else not got on feet or did not ripen morally to have children, I remember Zhenka.I am proud of it.And from the heart I wish it simple female good luck.Who who, and she precisely deserved it!

Other type

Forms of a cerebral palsy Allocate two main forms of a cerebral palsy: spastic when muscles of the child remain weak, and extremities are strained, and hyperkinetic or diskinetichesky a form for which the involuntary movements are characteristic.Other type of involuntary movements is observed at an ataxy that is at violations of coordination of movements.At the child with a hyperkinetic form of a cerebral palsy the involuntary movements arise constantly, even when he tries to sit not movably, and disturb any purposeful movements to walking, the small movements during the work as hands etc.

But one can begin

Both diligently sit with the book in a hand.But one can begin to cry, refuse to go to sleep, will not read up yet, to tell about the main character I would like to appear on his place.It means, your kid started traveling on the worlds, also as well as lord Corwin traveled on Ambers Shadows.It is very serious!The tenthgrader Masha the composition after reading the fantastic novel Dune: I leave there, to Muaddibu, always, when it is especially difficult for me.

From own experience

They spoke: With quarrels.We feel helpless when the house turns into a battlefield Bears to the house, the lovely house so a strong resemblance.When parents quarrel, most often it occurs at home, and we should see everything and to hear.From own experience I can tell that at this time the house reminds a verbal boxing ring with two constant participants parents with only that difference that there is no referee which will stop fight when drawing blows below the belt.I remember how the stepfather and mother when I was still child quarreled.

It is very

The pupil at this moment feels convicted of ignorance, lost face before surrounding contemporaries that immediately attracts negative reaction, an emotional barrier and cannot promote perception of information in any way.Means, the main obstacle it is necessary to seem internal uncertainty in itself, fear to the ridiculous.It is very widespread illness which also most of successful children have.It is necessary to treat her, but whether can make it the teachersubject teacher clamped by a vice of the training program?

Svetik waved

To think so, to me special faultfinding with which Svetik defended own sovereignty in these games gives a reason.Give me a bear, catch up with me, hey, do not touch me by a hand.Played, were pushed, laughed loudly to a hiccups … Vasya was tired and told Svetik that is time to be going to sleep.Svetik waved away from such prospect.Vasya as the senior, tried to insist.Then Svetik threatened on him a fist and followed its ways, than provoked response.Vasya, certainly, pushed him.

But it did not happen! Anesthesia

Lisa very much very much!waited that pain will recede.But it did not happen!Anesthesia DID NOT HELP!Why?Perhaps it was made incorrectly?And, maybe, Lisa was unreceptive to the chosen anesthetic?After childbirth Lisa assumed that if she had an opportunity to go, accept convenient poses, to experiment, fights she would worry much easier and childbirth would take place quicker.Besides Sasha was near, he very much would help.And so he only sat next also any support, except moral, was unable to render.

Let it will

Lower it in the container and do a small crack in its cover.Push a tip of a rope in a crack and give it to the child.Let it will extend all rope from the container, reeling up it therein on a stick or on something similar.Between two children it is possible to arrange small competition in a pulling and takingup of a rope from the container.Any child is bewitched by games with disappearance and emergence of subjects.Take a big matchbox with several offices it is possible to stick together usual matchboxes and put any subject in each of them, let the kid put forward that one, other office.

Simply such

Point to the switchedoff lamp.Most of people is similar to this lamp: they exist, but do not shine the world.However all of them are still connected to the Source.Point to the fork inserted into the socket.Otherwise their bodies could not function.Simply such people littered the pipeline conducting to the Source.Ask children how people can restore an energy stream.Explain to children that the biggest force in the Universe is pure and unconditional love to itself, and also to other people.

That fact

So really we, teachers, are able to afford to ignore this major quality of development, the evolution mechanism hidden in a subsoil of a being, and that is not less important, an inexhaustible power source.That fact that this energy can be directed on destruction and even on selfdamage, does not mean need of refusal of its use yet.Only where efforts of the teacher go through impact of evolution, it is possible to count on harmonious development of the personality.Rejection of borders and ban gives birth to scientists, pioneers, successful businessmen and nuisancers.


Orthopedic operations and drugs At emergence of contractures and with different other cases the child can be helped by orthopedic operation.As it was already told if the muscle is truncated, her sinew can be extended artificially.Sometimes change a muscle attachment place.Also operations on bones are performed: for example the ankle joint is strengthened, connecting anklebone bones.The surgeonorthopedist pays special attention to the correct development of a coxofemoral joint.

José Pecos, New Mexico. CONSEQUENCES

I only wanted

And my mother writes the fourteenth book and still remains in senses well, me such not to reach.I did not look for and did not find magic words to tell that between you and your children all in a full order.I only wanted that parents understood real possibility of good communication with us what inaccessible we would not seem.Such communication begins with that listen to us.Chapter Drugs P odgotovka, preparation and once again preparation.Here on what all these conversations are actually aimed.


Children with a cerebral palsy master graphic ways of communication as because of motive violations and insufficient control of the movements of hands it is very difficult for them to gesticulate much easier.The set of graphic systems is developed, one are based on simple drawings or photos, others represent systems of symbols, for example, system of blissymbols Blissymbols by means of which it is possible to give any information; opportunities are limited only to a character set.Many use both gestures, and symbols that allows to communicate with ease in any situation.

Some parents

And all this for all hundred percent fairly concerning your own children.You always have to have time for your child.BUT YOUR LYUBOV DOLZHNA PROYAVLYATSYA I V Tom THAT YOU DO NOT DO AND DO NOT SPEAK to the CHILD.Some parents have a surprising quality during dismantlings with children to sink into dotage.I knew one father who TOOK OFFENCE at the children and could after the conflict some days not talk to them.Such adults met to me and in our community Kitezh, but for a long time were not late.

It easy, and mother, doing

Actually, the cardboard box is a portable arena.It easy, and mother, doing household chores, can take it with itself from the room to the room, without leaving the child of one.Differently making out a box, you can give to the child different touch feelings.For example, on a bottom and walls it is possible to paste carpet slices now elegant square carpets do not let out, but they still can be found in big shops and to make of them a fine covering for a box, or fluffy material of which do house slippers.


The child with a cerebral palsy We already discussed the reasons for which with a cerebral palsy it is difficult for children to learn to reach a subject and to capture him, at the same time also visually controlling the actions, it is difficult for them to define the provision of parts of own body.Position of a body of the child which you will choose for occupations with it, will depend on existence at it these or those violations.It is sometimes rather difficult to help the kid to hold a symmetric steady pose and at the same time to remove forward his shoulders and hands for hvatatelny movements.

That at first

After several months of such training spitpoisons can call it trivial cramming under pressure, we noticed that children start carrying out some part of work with readiness if not to tell, with pleasure.That at first was a painful duty, became habitual function, the habitual and mastered beginning to bring joy.This system remained at us and to this day.Quality of preparation of z.sharply raised.The distracting moments tea, the computer, conversation with the little sister were gone.

Dim what

What approaches it?Aha, a short name without the growling sounds and with an accent on the first syllable.For example Pavel Dmitriyevich.Dim what you will tell about a name Pavel?Will not go.Why?The pasha curdled milk.Powerful argument.Lets go further.Yury, Igor, Fedor do not approach, too much р it turns out.All right, lets try longer names, that are pleasant to me.Eventually, my opinion will be considered here?

The girl

The girl began to cry because fell and hurt a foot.Snow thaws because the sun brightly shines.The girl took a net to catch butterflies.I took soap to wash up hands.I took a carriage to take for a drive a doll, etc.At the first stage from the child pronunciation of the second part of a compound sentence is required, then a compound sentence pronounce everything entirely.To watch grammatical correct registration of all offer.Offers according to pictures, To teach the child to make extended sentences according to the subject picture to specify in the plan, what picture.


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